Daniela S. Marrone


Organic products for your beauty. Linea Aroma is a range of products for the treatment of facial and body developed with natural substances: finest natural ingredients, such carrier oils, floral waters, butters and waxes and the incredible power of essential oils. Thus was born Linea Aroma. The formula that creates the potion is the perfect combination of natural products and essential oils, an aromatic line to give your skin all the hydration and nourishment it needs without injuring it with chemicals.
Linea Aroma comes with its original philosophy: nature first. The products are the result of the encounter between the earth and the sun and with the principle of aromatherapy is realized a line that brings nourishment to the body and the spirit. All our skincare products are formulated with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients.



mk420as Imperia (Imperia) - Liguria

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Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK


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  • 48anni, 5 anni di attività
  • Aromatherapy, Oxford College, Oxford